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Why Do Overseas Education in Ireland?

Gees ConsultantsJanuary 7, 2020

If you’re looking to study in one of the most beautiful places on earth that also boasts a fabulously rich history, then Ireland is the place to be. Ireland offers students a range of courses—both undergraduate and postgraduate—in different streams from short-term courses to comprehensive degree programs. Here is why you can prefer to study in Ireland:

# Ireland, better known as the ‘Emerald Isle’, is nothing short of ravishing beauty dotted with magnificent mountains and sparkling streams. With hurling, snooking, Gaelic football and Irish pubs, Ireland has everything that you’d look for in terms of sheer recreation and entertainment. 

# Irish universities offer a wide range of courses in different verticals, out of which pharmaceuticals, chemistry, and technology are some hot research areas to pursue here. Also, you can transfer your credits from any institution in Ireland to many other universities in the world where you want to finish the course.

# Though English is the most widely spoken language in Ireland, you can learn multiple languages including Gaelic and other local languages and dialects. 

# There are many universities that offer internship opportunities and study abroad loans. If the idea of working in Ireland after studies doesn’t appeal to you, you may be better off applying for a scholarship to study there.

# With the kind of exposure and diversity of cultures that universities in Ireland put you through you can easily amplify your global awareness and professional experience.

# Any course degree in Ireland may give you the required professional edge over the rest and looks great on your CV too!

#Though Ireland gained independence only in 1922, Irish history is as old as western history itself. You can find some of the oldest surviving forts and tombs here. You’ll instantly fall in love with its myriad of rich cultures.

# Ireland is known for its affable and hospitable people also identified with their professional and personal relationship, if nothing else. By choosing to study and work in Ireland, you’re simply planning to take your career to a new level.

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Want to Study Abroad? Here are the Five Best Destinations

Gees Consultants

There are lakhs of Indians who aspire to study abroad every year. Not to mention job opportunities with fat paychecks right after completion of the course and even while studying in the college. But let’s not forget that it presents its own challenges such as securing a permanent residence, job security and so on. If you’re looking to study abroad, here are the top 5 destinations to check out: US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany.

# United Kingdom: Universities in the UK have received about 30,000 Indian applications for admission until September 2019. This is an increase of 63% over the previous year. The biggest advantage of studying in the UK is that the PG courses are typically one year and this apparently lowers the cost of education. 

#United States: The number of Indian students who applied for admission in colleges and universities in the US last year was 2,02,014. In the US, students can enjoy the benefits of merit-based tuition waivers, in addition to getting scholarships and teaching assistantships.

#Canada: Canada received 1,03, 955 applications from India starting from January to October 2019. When it comes to the advantages of studying in Canada, the fee is relatively low in top universities, there is a work permit of up to 3 years post-course completion and getting a permanent residency is comparatively easy.

#Australia: The number of Indian students applying for university admission last year was 1,07,673—a 32 percent increase over 2017-2018. If you’re fresh out of college, you can stay and work in Australia for up to 3 years. The work visa is tad easy to obtain and so is the permanent residency. And if students are ready to move to smaller cities, they are likely to get one more year of work visa. 

#Germany: Universities and colleges in Germany received 20,180 Indian applications for admission for the winter semester of 2018-19. There are world-class universities in Germany for STEM, in addition to many PG courses in English. Students would get 18 months post-study work permit too. 

7 Things that Make Australia the Best Place to Study Abroad

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Indian students aspiring to study are left with ample choices of destination: the UK, Germany, the US, etc. But in recent times, Australia has established a unique name for itself in the areas of overseas education, higher education and study abroad. It is also fast turning out to be a preferred destination for higher education amongst Indian students. So what makes Australia one of the best destinations to study abroad?

# Most universities in Australia rank within the global top 50 universities in different majors including medical, management, engineering and technologies, arts and humanities, physical sciences, life sciences, etc. And to top it all off, the universities down under have churned out 15 Nobel laureates (at the time of writing this blog). 

# There are enough opportunities to work while you study in Australia. If you’re pursuing higher studies here on a student visa, you can work up to 20 hours a week while continuing your studies during the semester.

# Australia is a melting pot of different cultures and languages, in addition to English. This said the people here are highly affable and display great hospitality to foreigners.

# Australia offers excellent job opportunities, internship opportunities and almost every college down under has excellent placement track record post-course completion.

# People in Australia enjoy quality standards of living in spite of relatively high living costs. However, the living cost for overseas students is manageable even as they study in top universities. 

# According to a recent study, Australia is only behind the US and UK for top higher education among international students. Currently, there are over 7 lakh international students pursuing higher education in Australia.

# Australian universities offer a diverse range of courses that range from management, science, arts and commerce, engineering, medical, law, health sciences to humanities. 

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