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Why Should Students Aiming to Study Abroad Must Figure Out Their Priorities First?

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If you’re an Indian student, the most preferred destination for study abroad is the UK. Canada is not far behind in terms of preference. When it comes to Japan, India shares certain commonalities including Sanskrit, Buddhism, spirituality, music, etc. Japan being an ageing society pins its future hopes on the likes of automation and robotics. The demand for engineers in Japan is as high as 2 lakh IT engineers. Most countries that offer study abroad opportunities expect students to clear the Language Proficiency Test or LPT as minimum eligibility. 

Thorough research:
Most industry experts recommend that students need to be clear about what their area of interest is, and where they want to go in order to pursue their professional careers. Every single decision must be aligned to your goal or objective. Find out if your study abroad destination provides a work permit while you’re studying.  Students must do a thorough research of the courses or programs offered by a particular university, and their application process all by themselves first before approaching any consultancy. Next, focus on the visa process as prescribed by the visa office.

Co-curricular activities:
Experts also opine that students make a list of universities that suit their preferences, and match-making here is really imperative. Again, understanding your needs and wants with your preferred study abroad destination and university is pertinent here. Mentioning co-curricular activities in your resume will carry a lot of weight when applying for a program. Though most universities abroad offer hands-on practical programs, it is still important to check on the university’s website. Furthermore, these universities allow graduates to work as trainees after course completion. The details can also be received from the consulate directly. Inundated with loads of doubts? Touch with us directly as we’ll show you the path to global education.