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Impact of COVID-19 on Studying Abroad in Europe

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The COVID-19 or Corono virus outbreak has had a heavy toll on millions of lives around the globe. The uncertainty of Corona has shattered the hopes of many students studying in Europe. Let’s quickly see some of the most pressing issues that international students studying in Europe are going through or expect in the coming weeks or months:

# 1 Students are deprived of personal attention, one-on-one teaching, tests or exams. Most universities have nothing on the cards as for on-campus activities such as lectures. Only online classes and examinations are held. Thesis defense and exams may be put into hold or conducted in different formats, which means the students need to play the waiting game.

# 2 All international borders have been either sealed or insulated and only permanent residents or nationals are allowed if there are valid reasons. How this can impact foreign students in autumn this year is still unclear, but you should keep yourself updated on the latest developments so that you can plan in advance.

# 3 Actions taken to combat COVID-19 such as lockouts, deferment of high school award or degrees can only add to the delay in the admission process. This means high schools need to rethink its strategy to adjust to the current COVID-19 situation as it is not technically feasible for a student to meet all requirements, failing to do which will put a large number of students into a spot of bother.

# 4 Another thing to note here is this pandemic is not only affecting teaching or the study program, but also the eligibility of applicants and administration at large. A lot of universities have indefinitely postponed the application deadlines. You need to check the website or social media pages of your preferred institution (s) regularly for updated information.

If you are not able to meet eligibility criteria within the application deadline due to the challenges thrown by the Corono virus pandemic, you can reach out to us online as we will help you in the application process of your preferred university. You should be better off submitting an incomplete application rather than waiting for things to normalize from an application perspective.