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How International Education Builds a Growth Mindset?

Gees ConsultantsMarch 9, 2020

It will be only apt to start the blog with the maxim: “The world is a global village”. Globalization starts with education and it is important to have the right education to develop a global mindset.

International education shapes the individuals to develop a universal mindset by getting rid of tunnel vision. By first trying to understand and assimilate the cultural practices and traditions of different nations, our mind begins to absorb a new mindset that traverse nationalistic feelings, man-made borders and narrow jingoistic outlook.

With a global mindset, you’ll never feel as if you are in a new situation—you’ll need no training manual. Your mind will crave to become more integrated and become one with the world order. No wonder, you will be left behind if you aren’t good at communicating, negotiating and collaborating with people from other cultures and languages. 

The biggest advantage of learning abroad is that you will try to figure out anything new by yourself. You’re put through classes that have different teaching methods and styles. The new environment presents a new food lifestyle, new public transportation modes and innovative way of living. Students are provided with a new support system and ensured they first receive top class experience and growth opportunities. 

The key is to develop an independent mindset as only where there is freedom, there is growth. Students studying abroad are known for their independent lifestyle, high self-growth mindset and self-taught skills. The bonding and friendship developed during this phase of study abroad stay for life and help one expand tremendously in his or her preferred domain and area of interest. This is the kind of exposure that students of International Education receive for expanded thought-process.

There are basically three qualities you need to develop a global mindset: open-mindedness, humility and self-awareness for embracing the new found culture and more importantly internalize the experience for a global mindset.

There are Reasons Aplenty to Study in Switzerland

Gees ConsultantsMarch 4, 2020

If you think Switzerland is only synonymous with cheese, chocolates, watches, private banking and picturesque snow-capped mountains, then you need to learn more about the education standards of one of the best European countries. Because there has been a steady increase in the number of students opting to study and work in Switzerland. Let’s find out why:

#1 Switzerland is characteristic of high standards of living. Its citizens enjoy excellent health standards and overall productivity as a result. Though the cost of living in the country is pretty much high it makes a lot of sense moving to highly-developed cities such as Zurich, Geneva or Bern for study and job placement.

# 2 Switzerland is a melting pot of several languages and cultures. It also houses some of the most important world organizations and popular universities in the country. Switzerland is a good point to discover the several faces of Europe and the fact that it’s well interconnected by rail, roads, and air makes it an excellent education hub. 

# 3 All Swiss universities display the highest level of teaching methods and research which help them achieve top position in the global education ranking table. Furthermore, they are ranked among the top 200 universities globally with almost 50% of all students in Switzerland claiming to have attended one of their major universities including the ten Cantonal Universities and two Federal Institutes of Technology.  There are two private and two public universities of Applied Sciences for professional orientation.

# 4 Contrary to the popular misconception, Study fees in Switzerland are usually affordable backed by a robust publicly funded education system that both Swiss, as well as non-Swiss students, can readily afford.

#5 Swiss researchers call the shots at International conferences and meet forming the think tank of policy and decision making that can impact globally. They also produce the maximum research and scientific papers every year in almost all disciplines, supported by world-class infrastructure including the CERN in Geneva.  There is heavy investment in a range of research areas including engineering, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Top 5 Reasons Why Indian Students Study Abroad

Gees ConsultantsFebruary 25, 2020

The number of Indian students going abroad to pursue higher education is on the rise. Some of the most popular education abroad destinations for Indian students include the U.S, Australia, the UK, Canada, and Singapore. There are a number of factors that fuel this trend, though to cover everything will be beyond the scope of this blog.

#1 Relative ease of Admission:
Indian students feel that getting into the top Indian universities including IIT, IIMS, NID, AIIMS, etc is a tough ask, despite scoring over 90% score in their high school examination. They also find medium or high-level universities abroad far better than their Indian counterparts, especially in terms of education standards, and hence they are naturally attracted to studying abroad. 

#2 Paucity of Courses:
The depth and level of courses offered by medium level universities are not as penetrative as those offered abroad. For example, it is worth pursuing a course in Multimedia & Graphics in a specialized college or institution abroad than getting into an Indian university that offers not many specializations or in-depth coverage.

# 3 Study and work abroad:
This is the most enticing option of all. The prospect of assured placement and job opportunities after coming out of any university, college or institution abroad has fuelled many a dream and passion of talented Indian aspirants particularly when a job opportunity in India is becoming much slimmer with every passing day.

#4 Research opportunities & specialization:
Most universities and colleges abroad have excellent technological and innovative labs, research centers, incubation and acceleration establishments. It is not hard to find a mentor or a specialist in any area of research and development, and help students develop a study niche of their own.

#5 Entrepreneurship opportunities:
A lot of universities abroad offer basic support to advanced incubation facilities and networking opportunities to students looking to establish their own startup through close-knit industry interface, co-working spaces and startup ecosystem apparatus and realize their dreams of entrepreneurship.

10 Ways Studying Abroad in New Zealand will Transform your Life

Gees ConsultantsFebruary 18, 2020

Education like anything else in life is experience. But it is important to have the right experience in life. Many times one wrong decision can ruin a promising future, and that includes selecting the wrong study abroad destination. But the choice to study in Newzealand rest assured can easily turn out to be the best decision. Here’s why.

# 1 Studying in Newzealand will give you a different perspective of things, especially the different cultures boiling in the same pot at the same time makes it a unique education destination altogether.

#2 No other country as a whole would care to preserve the natural ecosystem as the Kiwis do. This trickles at the top from the Māori (the indigenous tribe of New Zealand) to the modern-day cosmopolitan youth. There is a great sense of conservation awareness which is almost like a rhythm in action.

# 3 The Kiwis aren’t blessed with advanced technological systems and innovation, but still, life goes on. If you go with the tide, there is a lot of self-exploration to do.

#4 when you’re in Newzealand, you aren’t alone at any point in time. There is an excellent support apparatus in local communities and activities that help you manage on your own.

#5 from mountains, rivers, oceans, forests, and volcanoes all within your reach, Newzealand is a paradise of nature, if anything else.

# 6 Humility makes a man or woman out of you and Kiwis stand by it steadfastly. By the time you come out of any university or college in Newzealand, you will be a paragon of humility overall.

#7 The best part of studying in Newzealand is the kind of lessons taught outside of the classroom. They are invaluable and come in various forms—the way you would want to learn.

#8  Companionship and camaraderie can be the biggest takeaways once you stay on campus.  Looking for friends for life? Studying in this country will give you excellent networking opportunities.

#9 It is not what you expect but what you get out of the blue that counts. Make no mistake. Newzealand is full of little surprises every turn. Just wait for them to happen.

#10 Newzealand can well be your second home if you want to as it is the home to a world of opportunities that you could hardly imagine.

Follow these Tips for an Incredible Study Experience in Canada

Gees ConsultantsFebruary 12, 2020

Canada is quite accommodative in terms of study abroad experience; its rich diversity and all-embracing attitude as a nation put it at the top of the list when it comes to choosing study abroad destination. Now that you’ve decided to study in Canada, there are a few things you can follow for an amazing study experience here.

Brave the cold:
Canada is an extremely cold country where biting cold and chill can fall below the sub-zero temperature and test your endurance levels. With the right gear apparel and accessories, you can brace yourself to ward off the cold especially between December and February.

Stay safe:
Though Canada is an absolutely safe country to study and further work, you’ll be better off by registering with the country’s embassy in advance for all information. It is important to have the contact details of your campus security and other emergency numbers at your fingertips, in addition to your study abroad agency.

Managing your finance:
Ensure you have a full list of expenditures and spend where it really matters. Get the list beforehand from the international office at your college or university or, if possible, from your study abroad consultants. This will avoid undue surprise. Again being frugal in terms of spending and showing discipline in a foreign land will help you sail safely in financial crunch situations.

Cutting costs:
Canada falls in the list of expensive countries to live and it is important to check the dollar exchange rate against Indian rupee regularly and plan things ahead. Even studying in Canada requires adequate funds which are the case in almost any study abroad destination.

Choice of Accommodation:
There are usually two choices of accommodation when you study in Canada: on-campus boarding house and private homestays. Many prefer the later as they are comparatively light on the pocket, offer greater flexibility and the feeling of being at home. But do check out what the university or college has to offer in terms of accommodation. There are a number of universities in Canada to pick from if you prefer to study postgraduate in Canada. Please feel free to talk to us so that you’re at complete peace of mind if you choose to pursue higher studies in Canada.

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