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Do You Need to Postpone Your International Studies for the Beginning of 2021?

Do you need to postpone your international studies for the beginning of 2021? This blog is written keeping in mind that things won’t improve in the immediate future, and if you’re optimistic of a quick revival of the current situation, you may well ignore reading this blog:

We, at Gees Consultants, still got you covered. You can start around this COVID-19 lockout period and get ready for future study options by January 2021. So, here is a self-help guide until you start applying:

  • Check our list of International courses and programs by calling us or referring to them online. 
  • Focus only on the study programs that enthuse you.
  • Do a match making with what you’d want to study and the country. 
  • Check out study options based on careers after you graduate.
  •  Select the best fit program that matches with your goals and experience.
  • Get quality additional information from reliable sources online. After all information is power.
  • After the lockout is over, you can gain some professional experience by applying for an internship, part-time job or volunteering. You may know that universities love a heavy resume.
  • Get ready for language test and take PTE, IELTS and TOEFL the most popular English language assessments, from the comfort of your home, online.Almost all universities consider these tests as a metric. This means you can prove your English even if that means you need to wait for the coming year. 
  • You can take up GRE® or GMAT tests from the convenience of your home. These tests are also available online.  

We advise you to make the best possible use of time during this lockout period staying indoors, remaining safe, doing thorough research, comparing and weighing the different International education options available and figuring out the best possible options to apply in the coming academic year.