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3 Ways to Raise Your Intelligence by Studying Abroad


There are three types of intelligence critical for survival in today’s cut-throat competitive world. Studying abroad at its best can enhance your mental capacity (IQ), your cultural adaptability (CQ) and your emotional intelligence (EQ).

Improved Cultural Intelligence (CQ):
The Society for Human Resource Management in one of its publications has it that finding the right employee who can break cultural barrier in creating a truly global company has become a nightmare for many international companies and MNCs. And mind you it just doesn’t stop with someone becoming proficient in a foreign language. It becomes imperative that companies educate their top employees about cultural intelligence. This said there is a cost involved in training them. 

Employees who already have study abroad or study international experience form better candidates for top positions because of a high level of Cultural Intelligence displaying the following:

  1. High level of anticipation and future-oriented when it comes to cross-cultural situations.
  2.  A high degree of understanding of multicultural situations.
  3.  Positive attitude and extrovert in support others, thereby breaking culturally diverse backgrounds.
  4. Adjusting verbal and non-verbal behaviors in response to the cultural environment of the situation.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ):
Research studies have pointed to the fact that students with international studies have greater Emotional Intelligence marked by greater team collaborative spirit, empathy, lateral thinking, open-mindedness and ability.

Enhanced IQ:
The diversity of teaching methods and techniques helps increase the Intelligent Quotient (IQ) of students having completed International Education. This is one of the most sought after attributes in the rat race to corporate success. There is so much exposure in any study abroad program that it transforms the entire thought process of how to address problems and turn them into potential opportunities. Great corporations were built by carefully picked leaders who had the opportunity to study abroad and execute ideas that captured global attention.

Select a study abroad program that makes you not just a pampered employee in an internationally accredited firm, but a global leader who can steer a firm to foreign shores successfully amidst looming economic uncertainty and downturn.