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COVID-19 Crisis and the Dream of Indian Students to Study Abroad

Corona Virus in 3D

The COVID-19 or Coronavirus has taken the world by storm and looks like this deadly global pandemic is set to disrupt virtually all business sectors across the world. The education sector is no exception. What’s been deeply concerning in the study abroad sector is that COVID-19 has shattered the dreams and hopes of millions of Indians aspiring to study abroad.

Several students with study abroad plans have also witnessed suspension of visa processes and classes owing to the COVID-19 situation. Most study abroad aspirants would ideally want to go before classes commence mainly for internships as well as to get used to the set-up and environment. But with the lock down in place, it is difficult to catch up with the lost time. The idea of taking up an internship abroad can also be a distant dream for many aspirants.

We, at Gees Consultants, advise aspirants to stay motivated and keep focused on the goals as this temporary setback shouldn’t spur you into considering alternate plans and set aside your long-term education and career objectives. All said and done, the situation looks pretty much grim, and might impact long term plans for many aspirants.

Students who have already got an admission to foreign universities by paying a hefty fee have been disappointed with many universities shifting classes online—considered the only viable option in the present crisis. Interviews and announcements for many fellowship opportunities and funding have been put on hold.  

For applications in process, aspirants have been made to wait indefinitely as the number of corona virus cases is on the rise and now that the lockdown period has been extended in many countries, the wait is not yet over.

We are working hard to conduct interviews online as much as possible through meeting tools and phone so that no process is disrupted under any circumstance.