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Top 5 Reasons Why Indian Students Study Abroad

Study Abroad

The number of Indian students going abroad to pursue higher education is on the rise. Some of the most popular education abroad destinations for Indian students include the U.S, Australia, the UK, Canada, and Singapore. There are a number of factors that fuel this trend, though to cover everything will be beyond the scope of this blog.

#1 Relative ease of Admission:
Indian students feel that getting into the top Indian universities including IIT, IIMS, NID, AIIMS, etc is a tough ask, despite scoring over 90% score in their high school examination. They also find medium or high-level universities abroad far better than their Indian counterparts, especially in terms of education standards, and hence they are naturally attracted to studying abroad. 

#2 Paucity of Courses:
The depth and level of courses offered by medium level universities are not as penetrative as those offered abroad. For example, it is worth pursuing a course in Multimedia & Graphics in a specialized college or institution abroad than getting into an Indian university that offers not many specializations or in-depth coverage.

# 3 Study and work abroad:
This is the most enticing option of all. The prospect of assured placement and job opportunities after coming out of any university, college or institution abroad has fuelled many a dream and passion of talented Indian aspirants particularly when a job opportunity in India is becoming much slimmer with every passing day.

#4 Research opportunities & specialization:
Most universities and colleges abroad have excellent technological and innovative labs, research centers, incubation and acceleration establishments. It is not hard to find a mentor or a specialist in any area of research and development, and help students develop a study niche of their own.

#5 Entrepreneurship opportunities:
A lot of universities abroad offer basic support to advanced incubation facilities and networking opportunities to students looking to establish their own startup through close-knit industry interface, co-working spaces and startup ecosystem apparatus and realize their dreams of entrepreneurship.