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There are Reasons Aplenty to Study in Switzerland

If you think Switzerland is only synonymous with cheese, chocolates, watches, private banking and picturesque snow-capped mountains, then you need to learn more about the education standards of one of the best European countries. Because there has been a steady increase in the number of students opting to study and work in Switzerland. Let’s find out why:

#1 Switzerland is characteristic of high standards of living. Its citizens enjoy excellent health standards and overall productivity as a result. Though the cost of living in the country is pretty much high it makes a lot of sense moving to highly-developed cities such as Zurich, Geneva or Bern for study and job placement.

# 2 Switzerland is a melting pot of several languages and cultures. It also houses some of the most important world organizations and popular universities in the country. Switzerland is a good point to discover the several faces of Europe and the fact that it’s well interconnected by rail, roads, and air makes it an excellent education hub. 

# 3 All Swiss universities display the highest level of teaching methods and research which help them achieve top position in the global education ranking table. Furthermore, they are ranked among the top 200 universities globally with almost 50% of all students in Switzerland claiming to have attended one of their major universities including the ten Cantonal Universities and two Federal Institutes of Technology.  There are two private and two public universities of Applied Sciences for professional orientation.

# 4 Contrary to the popular misconception, Study fees in Switzerland are usually affordable backed by a robust publicly funded education system that both Swiss, as well as non-Swiss students, can readily afford.

#5 Swiss researchers call the shots at International conferences and meet forming the think tank of policy and decision making that can impact globally. They also produce the maximum research and scientific papers every year in almost all disciplines, supported by world-class infrastructure including the CERN in Geneva.  There is heavy investment in a range of research areas including engineering, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors.