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Studying Abroad? What to Expect

Studying abroad can be a daunting experience for many, but it throws in a lot of opportunities hitherto unidentified such as learning a new language, practicing a new culture or simply adopting a global mindset. Even when you wake up with butterflies in your stomach of adapting yourself to a new land, the opportunity that it presents would be comforting, if not more. Therefore, what can you expect here as a student studying abroad, or in other words what are the underlying opportunities?

Diversified thinking:
Most professors and lecturers in the academic circles of foreign universities are not just tutors, but also make good mentors and help diversify their pupils’ thought process. This is important to develop a global perspective of things and crucial, as a skill, for you to work in a corporate firm or MNC later.

One with the host country:
This can be the biggest challenge, but certainly, you can do one bit at a time by constant learning of one’s culture and practicing them given the opportunity. Doing proper research about the host country would put you in good command over its culture in the long run without sounding too unnatural.

Practice the language:
Not that easy like it sounds. It requires continuous effort to win over the trust of the people of the host country by mastering any language in spoken and written form. There are several apps and tools available these days compared to just the pocket dictionary book of the yesteryears. Try reading signboards and billboards and conversing with basic word usages to gain the much needed confidence early on.

Respect and learn the culture:
It won’t suffice if you learn the language alone. Respecting and learning the local culture of the host country early on is critical not just to study abroad but also if you get a job opportunity there later on. Have a local friend or batch mate correcting you whenever you fail to stick to a particular cultural point. By this, you can master the nitty gritty things of one’s cultural norms. 

Document your travel:
Documenting your travel helps you relive your memory of the good times spent abroad. Keeping a journal of places you visited, local flavours tasted, seasons experienced, problems faced and words and phrases you learned would come in handy anytime you wanted to play the moments back in your mind.